Tuesday mornings...lalala

I'm making my third Sweet Baby Cap. I love this pattern. It's so quick, a wee bit of interesting shaping, and great fitting. The first one I morphed into a newborn size which was about a 14" cap by CO 109 and using 16 sts. between the <> and only using 8 pattern repeats. The second one I knitted was the 2 year size on the pattern and it turned out great. Now this one I'm working on this day I hope will fit an adult. I tried finding one on Ravelry so I didn't have to keep ripping out but I couldn't so I been ripping out but not as much as I thought I would which is making me extremely happy.lol. I'm following the 2 year pattern but using 3.5mm and 4mm needles so far so good.
In other news, Emily has been adventuring into the wide world web with her new blog http://www.emilysmagicthreads.blogspot.com/ and getting on Ravelry (emismagicthreads) and boy is she having fun. She even started a pre-teen group. Of course, that means more work for me because I proof read everything just to be safe but it's been worth it. If you get a chance please comment over there I'm sure she would enjoy that.lol.


Katherine said...

I love Emily's blog. Samantha has been after me to help her start one. Good luck with the hat! I like the design and the yarn colors are great!

Bunny said...

That hat is a cute pattern. I Good luck with the adult size.

wendy said...

Katherine...Thanks! The yarn is Lion's Brand magic stripes. I like it's yardage and it's a wool that's is washable and dryable...way cool to me.lol.