Hood for My Buds

After using the Weasley Cell Cozy Pattern I noticed my sweater would be too large for my cell phone so I decided to use it for my MP3 player (creative brand) instead. Then I got to thinking that a hood would be a great place for storing my ear buds and so a hood was born. If you’ll notice in the pictures I also made an “L” instead of a “W” too. Anyway, here’s the hood pattern so you can make one too. Enjoy!

(Blogger ate my pictures...please look to posts made on August Wednesday 2, 2206 for some pictures. (Never mind I fixed it...3-24-07) )

Hood for My Buds
Created by Wendy Laswell

Items needed for this hood project are:

Size US 4 double pointed needles (Just 2 of them…rubber bands bound at one end work well if your stitches are falling off your needles)
Worsted weight yarn (Not much…great help, huh?)

Please use the Weasley Cell Cozy Pattern up until the collar instructions then you simple must use these instructions…really

Using two needles pick up 25 stitches.
Knit 3 rows in stockinette stitch.
Row 4 Bind off 5 stitches (purlwise as this should be a purl row) in the front wear the face would appear if worn
Row 5 knit into the front and back of every fifth stitch.
Row 6 Purl.
Row 7 knit into the front and back of every fifth stitch except for the last fifth stitch.
Row 8 Purl.
Repeat rows 5 and 6 once more.
Then for the next 9 rows knit in stockinette stitch ending in the middle of your last knit row
fold in half and Kitchener stitch together.
Crochet sc around the face opening to make it neat and tidy for two rounds.
Next you can make a 30 stich crochet chain then thread it through the middle of the hood area that
got bound off. Tie into a knot with equal portions of the chain on each side and there you have it, a hood with fake ties.


Katherine said...

The Weasley and Hood are so cool! Thanks also for the link to Gritty Knits--there are a lot of good patterns there. I have been making cozys for the whole family and this will help fight off boredom.

futuregirl said...

This is the most original idea I've seen for an mp3 player cozy. Very cute! The hood for the ear buds was a stroke of genius. :)

Allison said...

That is really cute! Hi hi hi Secret Pal - I just got your last package, and I'm so happy to finally know who you are :) Thank you so much for being absolutely wonderful and positively spoiling me.