Week ? (Today I'm too lazy to do the math)

We have been very happily busy lately.
We were able to go to Gathering this year.
We saw old F/friends and meet new ones...Very exciting for us as we don't get to see many Conservative Quakers. God willing we'll attend Yearly too.
We also did quite a bit of visiting.
We would like to thank the following (who have blogs and in alphabetical order) for making some great memories
Thank you!

On to knitting...I'm so behind my Christmas/Birthday presents goal it's a bit of a bummer. I really should stop looking at patterns as it only makes me want to knit more things.lol. Anyway, I got four pairs of socks knitted up since March, but they were not on my to-do list and everyone got them right after I grafted the toes. Well, that's not completely true one did morph into a Father's day present.lol. I also knitted up a dozen toys but only a few of them were on my to-do list too. Argh, I need more self control. So with that in mind I have casted on for a Parseltongue hat (Rav link) for my Grandma's Christmas present...Weird I know for a Grandma, but she likes reptiles and stuff and making her a Medusa like hat tickles my odd funny bone. I also need to finish Emily's Adult Garter Edge Cardigan by Mary Rich Goodwin (Another Ravelry link) before fall so she can use it for school. Real high school...Scary. However, her other sweater I need to frog as it won't be over sized enough for Emily's likes. This makes it a bit hard for me as I'm not liking the lacy bit and feel a strong desire to modify which will only drag out my time frame so for now it sits waiting. Logical...I think not.lol. As for my other casted on items which I would like to point out here are the most things I have ever had on the needles at once are also being ignored too. Bad I know as they are suppose to be very quick knits and are on my to-do list.
Now to makes things even more funny (to me anyway)...Today all I want to do is sew a couple of these night gowns in flannel for winter for Emily and me...Non nursing (I'm just stating this in case you thought I was a crazy mama.lol).


Katherine said...

I love Mary Rich Goodwin's sweater patterns. I have her E-book and use it constantly.

I am also so far behind in Christmas knitting that I may finish by Christmas 2011. I love the nightgowns. One day (maybe around next February)I will be able to curl up in a flannel gown and read. I can dream can't I?

Bridget said...

I'm waaaay different.... I'm far behind in my _crocheting_. ;-)

Maybe I'll see you at OYM.

謝雅柏 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Brittany Whittenberg said...

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Loving Life). We've got a craft event going on until the end of
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we're trying to involve local teachers and groups. Please check out
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Thanks for your time,
-Brittany Whittenberg