Week 9

Blogger is being a .... to me.
Anyway, this week we spent away from home. Luckily, we had family and Japanese stores to make everyone happy. Here is a picture of some stuff we ate. They called them An Pan Man (This is the first time I saw this guy's name spelled this way), Doraeman (the red nosed guy who happens to be a robot. Robots are yummy.), and Panda (the one with a brown nose) or in other words they're a cream filled sweet bread cartoon characters...Yum!

I got a bit of knitting in too. Here is Alexander's Cupcake Hat,

and A Better Bucket Hat for me.
Well, I gotta go wash some clothes...


Katherine said...

I have to know how you knit the cupcake hat! Did you do bobbles on the top or is that effect from the yarn? I must have one!!!

The trip sounds yummy. Sounds like it's fun and filling to travel with your family. Can I come along next time?

wendy said...

That's the effect of the yarn, which is called Filatura Di Crosa Baby Bon Bon in the partie colorway. See my notes here:http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Intertwinement/cupcake-hat

Sure...There's always room for one more. I'm sure you could show us more places to go seeing how it was Chicago.lol.