Week 8

I just want to say Nike did not do me any favors when they showed me on the inside tag that an American medium workout shorts are a Japanese 2XL.
Now on to knitting...
I finished Michael's socks this week and he likes them...Yeah!
I've also knitted to about the half way point, row 25, on the Totoro Mittens and I'm really starting to crave those 8"/9" long circular knitting needles. I'm thinking they would improve my speed and look to my color-work. Anyway, I also started my Mom's birthday mitts. I'm using Nookie's idea as my Mom wanted some type of macabre cables. However, I started the big spider sooner on the cuff in hopes of adding a few baby spiders...Will they be too cute? I don't know...Argh.

Now something weird happen to me with the Tree Frog pattern. You know how I said I didn't like knitting it? Well, I decided for some strange reason to switch yarn weight and bam (please say this like Emeril Lagasse) I'm now totally addicted to knitting frog legs...It's scary.
Anyone want to go gigging?


Katherine said...

Those frog legs are the funniest thing I've seen in a while! I think they "stand" alone and don't even need bodies. The socks are very handsome and I can't wait to see the Totoro's. I've been thinking of putting the mittens into my line up of projects. Go Wendy!!

wendy said...

Thank you!!