Week 7

Look Hubby bought me a plant!
I really like plants more than cut flowers. Cut flowers always make me a little sad as I know they're really just dying. Anyway...I have no idea if this is my early Valentine present or what, but I think it's pretty nice of him all the same. It's funny because I think the kids are enjoying them way more than me and that's saying something. lol.

On to other things...I finally made a key cozy for the mail key like I was talking about in Week 2

and I started a pair of socks for Michael. It has been years since I've knitted a sock one at a time with DPNs and without an afterthought heel. So long in fact that when I got finished knitting the heel flap I almost forgot to turn the heel...Crazy sock knitter.

Now here is the toe-less frog leg. Sad and pathetic looking, huh?
I really should get going on this project. I wonder if I will. lol.

And here are the Totoro Mittens. I decided to knit them two at a time and if I keep my head straight I think I'll be successful in not messing up the palms...Maybe.
I really need to think about what special thing(s) I'm going to do for the wee ones on Valentine's Day...Something like pie or pink.


Katherine said...

Love the key cozy!

I never knit anything but the heel with the flap and gusset and I forget to turn the heel all the time. About every third sock I knit I have to frog back to the flap and knit that little cup. It's not a natural thing to do in knitting!!

I love the frog leg. It is soooooo cute!!!

I vote pink pie for Valentine's Day.

wendy said...

So funny at church the kiddos ate pink pie!