Week 6

This week I made Emily a bag to contain all her Japanese items which include:
(a Korean one in English is shown...The Bride of the Water God. It has very pretty art and is her largest one so we made some of the pockets fit it. Yes, she wanted her manga in pockets so they would be protected from evil dings. Her Mama loves her so that's what she got...Pockets not dings although I'm guessing she got those too.lol.)
pens and pencils
electronic Japanese/English dictionary
(Thankfully Emily has a tutor for Japanese. Emily and her teacher use Skype because we live in two different states...
I think that is so cool)
ipod with large headphones
(none of my kids like those wee little ear buds...Do you or yours?)

I really hope this bag lasts a long time as I'm not in the mood to make another for a long time especially one with so many pockets (ten of the evil things although not as evil as the munching needle cover ended up being.lol.).

I also made Michael a pair of Owlings like I talked about in Week 2 and an ipod cozy but the cozy got frogged and will not be tried again, ever...Really bad idea even the kids agreed on this one.l0l.
I also knitted a frog leg (Is it really a frog leg when it has no toes? It doesn't look like one without them I think) for a Tree Frog for Alexander's up coming birthday in March and the cuff on a pair of Norwegian Totoro mittens for Emily. I can tell that the Tree frog is going to be one of those forced knits for me but I think Alex will like it so it will be worth the effort. I need to start making the Spider for Alexander's birthday too, but I haven't decided on color...He wants yellow.


Katherine said...

What is it about iPod cozies? I've frogged a couple myself because they just didn't fit/work. I ended up making a little sack with drawstring and it works great. Love the mittens!

wendy said...

Thank you!
Yeah, Michael's ipod has a sock but no cozy and if he really wants one I guess we'll look into a store bought one...So sad.

Bridget said...

Emily's studying Japanese? Cool. I used to study it myself -- amassed 15 or 18 or some such number of credits of it in college many moons ago. I occasionally even remember some, lol.

Tell her "gambatte kudasai." :-)

wendy said...

Bridget, Emily says...Arigato gazaimasu!
If you're not careful now that Emily knows you can read/speak a bit of Japanese she might give you all of her allowance and beg you to go to the dollar manga store, Book Off on 14 East 41 St. in New York, to buy some of her favorite book series before you come to Gathering or Yearly to deliver them to her.lol.

Bridget said...

I'd be happy to pick up whatever manga are cool. :-) We have a few Japanese bookshops with a pretty wide selection of manga (not to mention other books, magazines, and learning aids for hiragana, katakana and kanji -- I don't know where she stands on her reading and writing skills). I'm hoping to come to OYM this year (probably not the Gathering), and will be happy to fill the trunk with whatever she wants. :-)