Week 3

This week, I finally finished Alexander's shoes which I half way finished months ago but was waiting for eyelet thingies. It's a good thing they're done as his feet are growing and these won't fit much longer. John, Emily, and Alexander love to use their Mama made shoes for the treadmill. I'm glad they work well, but everyone else suffers because I haven't made them some...Evil Mama.
Let's see...I also finished knitting the item which will not be named(right now), and I only have the cuff, heel, and re-do the toe to finish the Twinners knee high socks (Rav Link). Oh, I also started a sweater for Michael, Owls (another Rav link). Why did I start a sweater beside the fact that it's around 20 degrees...Well, Jo Ann's had a sale on bulky yarn.lol.

Bulky makes this a fast knit but then I haven't gotten to the cables. I don't know if I'll put buttons on for the eyes or not. I don't think Michael wants them but maybe just one would be okay....

As for the family movie, I haven't worked too much more on it as the computer started to act funky. At least that's my theory for slacking on it...Why can't movie maker be designed to allow multiple drags and lock in titles onto clips. These two things would speed up the process so much for me.

As for exercising, I've gained 4 pounds and no it's not because I'm eating more (I'm eating less with only one helping of food) or gaining that much muscle. I'm pretty sure it's my body trying to tell me to stop working out as it's not working...It won't work and you would think that it would know me enough to now that.lol.


Katherine said...

Love those shoes! I wish I still had kids around to make some for. I always gain when I start an exercise program. My body says, "Whoa, something is wrong!" and goes in to stress mode. I predict yours will give up and let go of the weight soon.

wendy said...

I hope so.lol.