Week 2

I've only knitted 4 rows this week and they were on the Twinners socks (all links are from raverly. Sorry...Well, kinda of sorry anyway.lol.)...What a bummer.

I've been daydreaming of knitting Michael,our mail go getter slave, a pair of Owlings but with Nookie's great idea. I think that will be very handy for him as our mail is outside and you need a key. He wants me to knit him a key cosy. Oh, and he wants an ipod cosy too.lol. My Mom also put in her request for her Christmas present. This is the third time she's asked for mitts but this time with cables. I suck at cables. Anyway, she wants some kind of skull or some such macabre thing so I thought I would make her these made with Elann's beige (Mom's color choice) Peruvian Baby Cashmere and without the long fingers for her birthday that comes in April and these made with Elann's black and light light pink Peruvian Quechua for Christmas. I hope she will like and use them. I also really hope this year I can lower my present spending too.
The rest of my time has been sucked up in making the yearly family DVD. I still have a long way to go on it too.


Katherine said...

I always love it when family members request specific presents. It makes the planning so much easier! Your Mom sounds like a hoot--skull and crossbones? I love her!! What do you put on your DVD? I've thought about doing that.

wendy said...

The DVD is pictures and movies of us from the whole year. The last two years I only did the holidays so family could "see" our Christmas and stuff but this year I'm trying to do the whole year.