2010 Goal

So the 2010 goal of the year is to get fit.
At years end I would like to be able to:
walk/run 5-10 miles a day
15 man push-ups at one time
80 full sit-ups
1 pull-up
(I can't even do one of these...yet)
I'm hoping to find some meter thing to put up in th sidebar (If you know of one please let me know) so I can stay motivated
and every month make a blog post about my progress.
I'm also going to try to write a blog post weekly about what I making.
update: I have decided to make another blog, Intertwinement's daily fitness, and have it linked in the sidebar for my daily fitness progress.


Katherine said...

This will be fun to watch. I am also working on fitness in 2010 by starting a clean eating program. Good luck to both of us!

wendy said...

I hope it will be at least some what interesting. I'm not going to think I can achieve fun.lol.Good luck!