Bear Quilt

When we left our intrepid non-quilter you saw this,
a big mess...But with the help of this book

You can get an around the world quilt

with this backing that has a bear shaped label.

Okay that's not true...
You would really have to cut every single piece of fabric wrong by one inch less because that what I did. Yes, I now know how to use my cutting mat correctly. Thank you very much. You must also add 24 strips to the center and cut 8- 2.5 inches wide strips of 5 different fabrics to get your borders the right size to achieve the twin size I made, approximately 55"x75". It's really a good thing I bought extra fabric in the begining. I believe I bought 1 yard of twelve diferent fabrics and 6 yards for the backing.

Here's a sneak peak of the next quilt.


Bunny said...

That turned out beautiful. Great job making it work. and it is one of a kind.

heidilogic said...

Turned out beautiful. Do you have a bigger picture of it all finished? It's such eye candy I want a better look.;) I wish I had the patience for quilting. Your an inspiration!

Katherine said...

You did a beautiful job on the quilt!! It's a work of art!

Lisa said...

that quilt is awesome!!!