2009 Conservative Friends Gathering in Pennsylvania

June 19-21, 2009

hosted a Gathering in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Above is a picture of the outside of Lampeter Friends Meetinghouse
and below is half of the inside.lol.
It's along PA 340 on west end of Bird in Hand in Pennsylvania. They only meet once a month there but we got to go...Yeah!
We enjoyed yourselves very much and want to thank all the many people who helped make it such a great Gathering...



Katherine said...

I love the sign on the building that says it was built in 1749 and rebuilt 140 years later in 1889. What a symbol of God's strength and power! Bless you all!!

Jennifer Marchman said...

Hi Wendy! Did you meet David? Was that your husband that Martin Kelley interviewed?

wendy said...

Yes, I meet David...He's a great man!
Yes, that's my Hubby.

Bridget said...

Hey, Wendy.

It was good to see you guys at the Gathering. Your kids play a mean game of Scrabble. :-)

Going to OYM?

wendy said...

Thinking about it.