The Tiger Quilt

I lost my notes!

This sucks on so many levels.

Well, here we go anyway.

(See that you cruddy old notes where ever you are I can move on without you...
However, if you ever do decide to come back to me I'll let you. Really I will. That's just the kinda girl I am.lol.)

Here's the sneek peak from last month...Tiger fabric for my tiger lover.

Here I cut up the fabric.

I know for a fact that the binding was/is 8- 3" x 40"stripes.

The rest of it would be guesses...Sorry

Here's my cute (I thought) label.

I traced one of Max's toy tigers to create it.

Here it is all done.

Now I just need to hide it until Christmas.

Things I learned with this quilt:

I really like stippling.

(I hide messages in the quilt...Too cool)

I still need to work on my binding skills.

I need to keep my notes safe.

Max must be around me more than any of the other kids either that or he pays more attention to me because making things for him where he knows nothing about it is really hard.

Here's a sneek peak for the next quilt.


Katherine said...

I love the tiger quilt!! BUT this new one, well, I'm sure it's for me! I can't wait to see that one finished. It's going to be beautiful.

Can you really keep the quilt until Christmas? I would be so tempted to give it to him early!

wendy said...

Thank you!
I can totally keep it until Christmas because otherwise he wouldn't get as much on Christmas.lol.