Breakfast- Popping Corn Pops

I decided to do some recipe reviews from some of my cookbooks.
To keep in mind,
we're vegan and I'm a bit odd....
Perfect for something interesting, right?
Okay, let's move on to our first book. This book, Eating off the Grid (ISBN 0-9671394-0-6), I got in Utah while visiting the relatives at some bulk food store. I want to say Grandma's Kitchen, but I'm not sure. I've had this book for a couple of years now and I haven't used it much until very recently. Anyway, the book is for people who don't have electricity. So no refrigeration or electric cooking appliances using only stored (bulk) foods.
We tried Honey-Frosted Popcorn on page 46. I doubled the mixture that you pour over the popcorn since I made three batches of popcorn in our Poplite Presto machine...
I think that's 1 1/2 Cups unpoped popcorn. I'm not even going to guess how much that makes popped but it's a lot.lol.
Luckily, I have great kids who are willing to try this kind of thing because once I poured the wet mixture onto the popcorn it didn't look good.
I tried a nibble and it tasted just like it looked...Soggy popcorn.
I put a cup into everyone's bowl and some soy milk except for Michael's and a totally amazing thing happened when we ate it.
It tasted just like Corn Pops cereal.
There was the added danger of breaking a tooth on an unpopped corn, but who doesn't like a little danger.lol.
This was a winner all around and the kids are asking that we have it again.
I'm guessing that this would save quite a bit of money for people who buy Corn Pops that is if you can get your kids to try it.lol.

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Katherine said...

Okay you got me! I'm crazy over popcorn and I had to stop before writing a comment and go pop some. I love the idea and you don't get all that unwanted junk that they put into Corn Pops!

The sound you hear is me crunching my popcorn....

You are not odd in any way. I've gone back to being a vegetarian after a number of years away from it. I feel so much better!!