The Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt

Alexander's quilt is finished!
And just in time for '09 Christmas.lol.
I think it turned out pretty good.
Anyway, let me show you what I did.
Here is the sneek peek from last month on the fabric I decided to use.
The fabric is ANDOVER FABRICS of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Alexander loves this book so much that we had to buy a replacement book. So I thought this fabric would be a perfect match.
I bought and used:
2 panels of P0260 3471 M
2.5 yards of P0260 3472 M
(or as I like it call food stripes.)
2 yards plain cotton yellow fabric
(Alexander's new favorite color)
2.5 yards batting
1 twin polka dot flat sheet
(Thank you Valerie for the sheet...It came in handy.lol)
In order to get this to the size I wanted (extra long twin-65" x 102" or 2'x 3'. I love quilts that wrap around pillows.lol.) I cut one of the panels leaves off like you see in the picture. Then I sewed the two panels together on their short ends so it was nice and long. This also seemed to me to be more pleasing to my eyes.
Here you can see all my strips cut out and ready two be sewn. I cut the food strips so that the blue stripe was on the top (I sewed this so you don't see that blue in the quilt.) of every strip.
Then I cut 8-8.5" strips of yellow. I used a pre-made binding so I didn't need to cut anymore stuff out.
As you can see, I sewed the large food strips to the center panel facing outwards, then the yellow fabric, then the small food strips also facing outwards, and then the binding (After I quilted it of course.lol).
I then quilted 2" squares all over the entire quilt.
I also used the leftover leaf as a label on the back. Which I thought was pretty cool of myself.lol.
I have some leftovers. Maybe I'll put them together with others later in order to make a crazy left over quilt...Or maybe a doll quilt.
The lesson I learned with this quilt is you really should listen when they say don't trim your backing until after your done quilting. That mistake was a bit time consuming to fix.
I also learned that hand sewing the binding takes a lot of time. I'm hoping that on the next one I can avoid doing this by cutting my own...We'll see.
Here's the sneek peek of Max's Quilt...Can you tell what he likes?


Katherine said...

Lions and tigers and caterpillars, oh my! I know, there are no lions there but I couldn't resist. I love both quilts, and the caterpillar, butterfly and food quilt is so colorful!! I keep thinking I should try quilting.

wendy said...

Wow you're good...Because the catapillar lover is also a lion lover and after the tiger quilt there will be a bear quilt.lol.

The Kleinowskis said...

Would you be willing to make another VHC quilt for me to purchase?

wendy said...

I can't seem to find a way to write you a private message, The Kleinowskis, so I hope you find this reply...

The Kleinowskis, I'm flattered you like the quilt but you must realize I suck at this.lol. I'm also not sure I have time this year as I have three more quilts to sew before Xmas besides clothes and knitted items. I'm sure if you go to www.etsy.com and look under quilts you would find a better seamstress, a cheaper price, and a smaller timeframe for your quilt.
Good luck and thank you!