Quilt Madness

I have decided that this new year is the year of quilting.

I've only made one quilt before, an old jean quilt, which was a small lap sized one with very little quilting since I couldn't get the sewing machine to sew through it all.lol.

(Here it is in all it's glory and yes, the pockets work which I thought was cool)

Now one probably wonders if this inexperience and no real love of sewing has stop my insane desire to made one quilt for each member of the family?

Of course not!

So let's carry on with the details, shall we.

I want to make four extra long twins and one extra long full sized quilts, one for each child and then an extra long twin I-Spy quilt and maybe....

Okay, that means that I'll need to complete a quilt every two months.

Is that possible...

Of course it is in Wendyland.

(I'm pinning the quilt here together with 250 safety pins... So much fun, but look I match the quilt. Gotta love that.lol.)

Here, I've put my thoughts to the test with a Christmas quilt. My husband says that it's crazy to make a quilt that we'll only have out for one month of the year but I assured him it's a testing one. He loves me enough to buy that theory/story.

(Here's an attempt at an artsy photo of the quilt pinned)
With this tester quilt I have found out the following:

1. Quilt books do not have enough information about sewing/quilting these things together on a sewing machine.

2. My sewing machine bookets also doesn't have enough information about sewing these things altogether.

3. Almost all online quilting sites also do not have enough information about sewing them too.

4. It's good to have a Mother-in-Law that knows how to sew and has made at least one quilt on your sewing machine and has tips.

5. Spray adhesive might be bad for the environment but is good for quilts.

6. Pinning 250 safety pins twice is very close to frogging knits.

(Look it sorts fits.)

All in all I'm really happy that it worked out like it did and it only took me three days. Keep in mind though that it was a cheater quilt. You know were the main part is printed squares on one piece of fabric but I did run into a lot of problems with puckering. So I had to rip out lots of thread and then do more research.lol.

(Look, the backing is holly and berries...How comfy would that be.lol. Ah, I'm so easily amused. It's finished and on the back of the couch . I've already caught Hubby snuggling it...So it's a success)

I'm thinking that this year this quilt will be out longer than the one month.

Here's a peek at the next quilt...


Katherine said...

You are so talented! I've always wanted to make quilts, especially since I've been following Alison Hansel's Blue Blog and she does quilts that run from cute to magnificant. (Check out The Blue Blog at http://alison.knitsmiths.us/ She just bought a serger-whoopee!)

Good luck! Can't wait to see more.

Jennifer Marchman said...

Hi Wendy,

You just popped up on my google alerts. I'm always happy to find other homeschooling Friends! What Meeting do you belong to? And, I'm also glad to find you because I have had a leading to wear a head covering for about three years now. Perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing your leading to Plain dress? I'd love to hear from you: jennifer AT marchman DOT gmail DOT com

wendy said...

Katherine...I like the blue Blog too. I'm afraid of my serger so I betting it'll be a long time before you see me blogging about that.lol. Right now I'm waiting on more fabric to be mailed. So soon you'll see more...I hope.lol.

Jennifer...Hi! I'll write to you soon.

Bridget said...

Hi again, Wendy.

I like the shot of you pinning your Christmas quilt: it shows your dedication to the fine art of monotony. ;-) Seriously, I'm impressed that you didn't pin it to the carpet, which is probably what I would have done.

I'm trying to get up the courage to try a panel of cathedral windows... maybe turn it into a quillow... or no, do a few more blocks and make a throw... or no, wait, do umpteen blocks and make a queen-size quilt... and then another in different colors... and another... and then take over the world....

Or something like that.

wendy said...

Who says I didn't attach it to the carpet.lol.
Actually, I was good and didn't attach it to the carpet but I was pretty sure when I was about to lift it up it wasn't going to come up.
I think I've gotten the hang of doing weird project on the carpet so I don't do damage to it.lol.

Are you making your cathedral windows like this person's?
very pretty...Good Luck!

Bridget said...

That's a really nicely done tutorial at the Hyena in Petticoats blog.

But mine's going to be a bit different. (I have to complicate things, you know.) It's going to have 3 different shapes in the 9-patch block, giving it (I hope) an interesting look and giving me practice in, well, 3 differently shaped windows. I can't find a similar picture to link to, but this one at least gives you an idea of one of the effects you can get this way: http://www.cottonpatch.co.uk/acatalog/4611.jpg

I haven't started yet, though. I've been doing a lot of loom knitting, which I think of as knitting for people who can't be trusted with knitting needles. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Okay Wendy, you have done it again! You have an absolute talent for picking new things up and learning how to do them with great success! Yet another thing you can teach me when I show up on your doorstep one day with canning jars in my hand, fabric stacked on top of them, thread stuck to my cap, scissors in my apron pocket, and a pathetic look on my face that says HELP! Quilting is something I have longed for . . . I think its very difficult to just pick it up and do it . . . but clearly it can be done! Bravo! Thee has given me hope that one day I too, will be able to pin for hours.

wendy said...

Bridget...That looks beautiful! Good luck!

Meritt...Pin away.lol

Harpa J said...

Very pretty!
But a quilt every two months! That is some challenge! I look forward to seeing them.