Have you ever noticed that somedays you can really see a theme.
Let's take last night...I stayed up late and knitted some snails while listening to an audiobook.
I love doing that.

Anyway, here they are in the light of day...




and Gregory's...Well, actually it's now Emily's. Some adoption just work out that way.

And then amazingly when I opened up the house this morning I saw this guy on our window right where I could see he/she/it (I know the slug is a hermaphrodite...Does anyone know a good pronoun for situations like these that shows respect for both parties?). This is the first time I've seen one since moving here to Michigan.

I found this highly amusing...Is he looking for friends?

Now, I must say the other day's theme was how many sharp objects can I play with and walk away with small injuries.

Let's take the rotary cutter.

Did I make you cringe?

This was my first time using one and I must say that me and it were having fights...it won.

So then I decided to try needle felting because I saw this website

Those needles won too...So I went and cooked.

Yup, you can guess how that went too.


Katherine said...

I call anything that creeps or crawls (like slugs) "Monsters." He/she/it doesn't do it for me!
"Ugly, filthy, monster." That's what I say just before I smash them! I'm hard on the environment. Forgive me!

Bridget said...

Well, at least snails aren't sharp. You'd really be in for it then.

I suggest "(s)he" or "s/he" as the pronoun of choice for hermaphroditic slugs (replacing "ewww" in my vocabulary.) I have no idea how to pronounce it, but if that limits your slug conversations, I can only suggest that your husband needs to take you out more often. ;-)

Hello to you both, and to the kids. (And look, look! I found your blog!)

--Bridget O.

Hubby said...

I used to play with snail in a fiel near the house in Germany. I also Used to eat snails cooked in garlic butter in a restraunt an hour or so from the house. Also in Germany. Now I'm back in the states and my wife is knitting snails for my kids to play with and I'm no longer eating meat. Interesting how things turn out.


wendy said...

Yay...You found me!

Everyone says Hi back.

Well...I was kinda of asking the hermaphrodite pronoun thing as a general kind of question not like only for a snail type question...cuz as you said snails aren't sharp.lol.

Harpa J said...

The snails are so cute! I like snails - my stepdaughter used to keeps some as pets on our balcony when we lived in Sweden...