A Spouse Knitting Meme

I saw this on Karen's blog and thought it was great. It's a knitter’s Spouse Knitting Meme.
I thought you’d all like see to the answers from my Hubby (my comments are in parenthesis).

1)What is your favorite thing about my knitting? Socks. No, Sweaters. No, Hats. It's definitely the ...(Then what's up with #3's answer?)

2)What is your least favorite thing about my knitting? Allergic reations (I still have not seen this happen, but I really do try to be good about it.)

3)What is something I have knitted, that you recall is good? Max's sweater. My sweater. My socks. My hats.

4)Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby? Yes, but it's cheaper than cars.

5)Do you have a stash of any kind? Cables

6)Have I ever embarrased you, knitting in public? No, but I've embarrassed you while you were knitting in public.

7) Do you know my favorite kind of yarn? Yes. Pretty and soft yarn that felts for felting projects, and doesn't felt for socks that was spun by either you or someone else. Not cotton elastic sock yarn. (I can think of three projects that I have felted. I asked him to help. Emily felts a whole lot more so maybe he thinks those kitties hanging to dry are mine.lol. I would NEVER use handspun for felting...that would hurt. So funny...I guess he still remembers me complaining about that cotton elastic sock yarn...you know the kind, right?)

8) Can you name another blog? Intertwinement (I guess he can't)

9)Do you mind my wanting to stop at knit shops wherever we go? No

10) Do you understand the importance of a swatch? Yes why don't you do it more. (Ouch...that was totally uncalled for. Really all his stuff fits him.)

11) Do you read my blog? Yes

12) If I didn't knit, what would be different? My sock drawer.

13) Anything you would like to add? I almost knit you a pair of socks. (He did make me a pair of slippers...proof below.)

He did an awesome job, right?


Katherine said...

Wow! Your DH knit that sock? Great job! I noticed though that you only show one. Did he finish the second one? If so he is a rare man. lol

Karen said...

Love the swatch answer! :)

wendy said...

Katherine- Hubby made a pair!

Karen- I wondered what he was going to answer.lol.

Anonymous said...

Discovered your blog through Ravelry. Enjoyed very much reading the meme :-)
Diane/Bloomington,In (sheepdream)

wendy said...