Ravelympics '08

It has started!!!
I signed up for Ravelympics '08 (A challenge to start and finish a project during the 2008 Olympic Summer Games.) in the following events:
Handspun Heptathlon
Fleece to Finished Fencing
Let's start off with some pictures from the Handspun Heptathlon. No, this is not a bruise from an accident..well, maybe it is but it's not a Ravelympics accident. We're using it here as a colorway. Thank you, Gregory, for being the only one in the family to be able to provide us with a living bruise. Many opinions were made about what colors make a bruise before we all saw Gregory's leg.
Now we know for sure.

Here is the bruised fiber drying in the sun. We'll all be hoping it dries quickly so we can move on to spinning it up into enough yarn for making a pair of socks. (Man...there are so many ways I can mess this thing up.)

Okay, now let's move on to the next event, Fleece to Finished Fencing.

Once again Gregory helped out...Thank you.

We picked out all the vegetable matter. Well, okay we really just picked out most of it...I think...I hope. Yes, I really should have some type of tarp under the fiber too but I don't think Hubby would ever forgive me if I made one of ours smell sheepy. Anyway, the fiber is now getting washed in a bucket. When it's done being dirty I'll scour it, spin it, and knit it into a hat. (Did I mention how many ways I can mess this thing up?)

On a side note my hands are nice and soft but sheepy smelling even after I've washed them ten times...good stuff.lol.


Katherine said...

Everyone needs a little living herbage in their handspun! I hope you will give us a blow-by-blow while it becomes a hat. The process is very interesting to me as a non-spinner.

wendy said...

Maybe this yarn could be like Noro.lol

Okay...I'll give updates.