Ravelympics '08- Handspun Heptathlon Update

After the top dried I spun it up onto two bobbins. I want to make a two plied yarn so

I plied the two bobins together until the one bobbin ran out. With the left over bobbin I made a yarn cake so I could use both ends of it to create a two plied yarn easily...Thanks to youtube for that neat trick.

Then I made the yarn into two two yard skeins and counted that I had made 252 yards...YEAH! Next, I washed it and now it's drying.

Yarn Stats:

WPI-12, BPI-8 = DK


Katherine said...

It's beautiful. I love the colors! What is it going to be when it grows up? Is this the hat?

wendy said...

Thank you!
I hope it will become a pair of socks.