Feather and Fan

I'm knitting Dorothea Fischer's Danish Shawl from Spin-Off's Spring 2008 issue (This one's a Ravelry link). It's one of those kind of patterns where you can spring off in your own direction either with your spinning, the colors you use, or textures...garter, stockinette, lace, etc. The best part of the shawl I think is that it's a tie shawl. I don't know about you but shawls usually wander around on me so I'm thinking that this shawl won't...How can it when it's two ends are tied behind one's back? Yeah...I know but it could work. Anyway, I'm knitting this for Emily and she just loves lace. This pattern has no lace. So I looked on Dorothea Fischer's website and got confused. Now, I don't know if I'm knitting a Heather Shawl or a Tie Shawl. Ravelry says Tie so I must be.lol. Is there even much of a difference? I saw her chart to explain the differences, but the knitted models didn't look like the charts to me. I must be blind. Some of her shawls have beautiful lace on the edges. I'm sure I could e-mail her and have it all straightened out, but really I just want to buy all her patterns and have done with it. Then reality sits in and I realize I shouldn't buy anything with Christmas looming in the near future. So I think to myself...No problem I'll just add some lace edging. I usually think I can do all sorts of designing in my pre-project mode and the family pretty much does too. That's nice...sometimes.lol. Anyway, I decided to knit an easy lace pattern on the edge. I picked feather and fan...saw that coming did ya?
Wendy's Feather and Fan
Here's how I "saw" one type of feather fans pattern so it can be used on many different numbers of stitches.
Row 1- K
Row 2- P for stockinette, K if you are in the round, or you want to have garter stitch
Row 3- [K2tog] _a_ times, [YO, K1] _b_ times, [SSK] _a_ times
Row 4- P for stockinette, K if you are in the round, or you want to have garter stitch
Repeat rows 1-4 until you're done.
a = half of b
b = both as added together
Example: your a is 3 then your b is 6 or a is 12 then your b is 24 and so on...
I still haven't quite figured out how to have my shawl increases be knitted in the lace pattern seemlessly without graph paper, computer programs and such, but really I have no idea how long I want this shawl to be so I'm simply adding stitches, knitting them plain, and then when I have enough of them on each corner I knit them with the lace pattern. I'm making sure they stay seperate with stitch markers.

Here's my birthday stitch markers purchased from Peanutgallery's Etsy shop. I love the write up on them..."Ever lose a loop? Accidentally do row 2 of the chart when you are on row 3? Fear not, brave knitter or crocheter, the in-a-pickle stitch markers will help you sort it all out. Note their fearful expressions, the pickles are more afraid of you than your knitting." I think these are just perfect for this project.lol.

Here's how I'm keeping track of what row I'm on in the lace pattern. Safety pin like stitch markers (Clover brand shown.) linked together to form a chain. The orange one on top is for row 1...it's working out pretty well for brainless knitting.


Shawna said...

And now for something completely different:

A meme. My first meme. And I thought of you... Tag! You're It!

Look Here for further instructions.

I'm afraid I don't have any cute pickle stitch-placesavers to help you keep track of memes.... but maybe we could add some lace!

Kathrine said...

I would have bet that you would opt for the Killer Rabbit stitch markers lol.

I like the shawl. I have never knit one because I don't wear them (for the same reason as you) but if I could knit one that would stay put with either ties or glue I might consider it. Anyway, I like yours a lot. The colors are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is sort of unrelated Wendy, but I found this link and thought of thee. Scroll down a bit to the vintage pattern section. Apparently a few of the links have some plain dress knitting patterns.

Haven't checked them all out though. too many.



Harpa J said...

I think this is going to be a great looking shawl!

wendy said...

Shawna- I'll do a meme post once I can think of seven facts about myself.lol

Katherine- Thank you! If only they had some shrubbery stitch markers to go with the wee beasties.

Meritt- Thanks for the link!

Harpa- Thank you!