this is a test


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Wow...who would of thought.lol

Now I just need a time travel machine that fits 7.


Katherine said...

I thought I would fail the test for sure when I got to the "cries, sulks or pouts too much" question, but I got a very superior grade. I did lie about the seams in my stockings often being crooked though! Fun test!!

wendy said...

That's funny!

Emily was behind me so I didn't have a chance to cheat.

Karen said...

I'd be an awful 1930's wife. I scored an 11. :)

wendy said...

No way, Karen!

Did you take the whole test?

Marguerite said...

Congratulations on your amazing score.

I was just average. Oh well, I'm happy I didn't live back then before microwaves.

wendy said...

I think I would have bigger issues with not have central air conditioning. Okay...I looked it up and found quite a few things I would miss like the fact that only 40% of households in the United States had a telephone and long-distance telephone service was very expensive. A 3-minute call from New York to San Francisco would cost about $9.00. I guess I wouldn't be calling my family or I could become a very fast talker.lol. Then there's the fact that only 59% of U.S. households had radios...would I have been one? How about a car? Hmmmm,
I guess you could except much durning the Great Depression.

Shawna said...

I admit that I didn't dare take the test. I am marginal enough as a 2000's wife.

But I found you! You should have told me you have a blog!

It was great seeing you at meeting yesterday. I hope you had a safe drive home. Thank you for stopping by. Sorry about the hat.

Shawna said...

OK, I just took Kevin's test for him... very superior of me, I think.

He comes out Very Superior as a 1930's husband!

Where's that time machine?

wendy said...

Yup...you found me. Sorry, I didn't know you didn't know.lol

It was great seeing you too!

I think the machine is in the shop.

Anonymous said...

we're a perfect match. I'm a superior 1930's husband. Hubby

wendy said...

I love you too, you out of place man of mine!