New England

We went on a big tour of the New England states with only two planned stops. A computer thingy for Hubby's work in Massachusettes and a spinning lesson in Maine with Amy at her store Spunky Eclectic...my birthday present. Now you might remember Hubby dearly loves to add stickers to our map so here you can see him busily adding all the new states when we got back. Now the one rule of the stickers is that the van had to see these states (A great resale value I'm sure). Anyway, we added Massachusettes, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, and West Virginia.

My favorite state was Maine. I'm not sure if that was because of the lesson or the fact that it was really close in appearance to another state I love, Washington (west side).
The things I thought were weird/odd:
Nigara Falls- The falls have many "The offical" stores some not even in New York. Also the falls in New York is not named Nigara Falls, but the city is. The two falls are named Horseshoe and American. What you do see has been manipulated so it stays where it is and runs the power. Oh, and it cost $10 to park.
State Liquor Stores-New Hampshire what is this about? Is this how you fund the state budget? If so, you might want to tell California about it. Also your license plates are a little scary. I mean "freedom or die" seems a bit extreme and what's your definition of freedom?
Turnpikes- What do you do if you don't have enough change? Want to know? I've figured it out. I'll tell you even you don't want to know.lol. You just wait at the pay station until there's lots of cars behind you...honking all grouchy and stuff. Then you get out and vist them and tell them you don't have enough to pay and if they want through they need to give it to you...see, pure genius I tell 'ya


Katherine said...

All beautiful states, but I had to laugh about New Hampshire. I had a client once who was from NH and he was very strange. I was actually happy when he decided to move back there (because he found Texas people to be strange)lol.

Better be careful at those pay stations! If all those people start getting out of their cars--run!

Anonymous said...

I missed you!

wendy said...

Katherine- Good tip.lol

Meritt- Really?

Anonymous said...

Well of course, silly! Post Gathering withdrawals don't ya know! The Wendy family is now an integral part of my extended family!