A summer is not complete without canning and canning mishaps.
Remember October...see it's a tradition of canning.
One must carry it on.
Here's about 20lbs of cherries and all without a pitter. Where our pitter is is a mystery but the funny thing is no stores carry them around us either (We called).
Have they all gone on vacation?
I wonder where.
Hubby wanted to document how fast I was.
I'm not, but have you ever heard that joke
from that movie, Without a Paddle, where two men are facing a bear?
The one man looks at the other man who is about to run and tells him
you can't out run a bear and the man replies I don't have to out run the bear
just you.
Yup, you got that right Hubby was the bear.
Just teasing...
really he was the other man who's bear meat 'cuz I'm faster than him :P

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Katherine said...

No kidding, that's what the pro told DH at the Disney World golf course last Christmas! He said if he was chased by an alligator all he had to do was out run the other players.

There was a funny Good Eats program on TV recently where Alton Brown used every tool in the kitchen and garage trying to pit olives. Nothing can replace a good pitter!