What did ya say?

The power went out Sunday afternoon for a couple of days for us this week. It was very interesting to me to see how others in the neighborhood handled it. It seems not much can affect a Michiganer.lol. People simply spent more time outdoors playing, trying to cool down, and begging neighbors who had generators if they could hook up their frigerators up to it with their extension cords. One corner sidewalk was especially decorated. I'm guessing it was a very generous neighbor or maybe they were charging a small fee.lol. Now when I listened to our solar/dynamo radio, the news on 950 am, they said there could be heard the hum of generators throughout some neighborhoods. Well, I really think the word hum is an understatement. Those generators got so loud that it was a relief when one ran out of gas. In fact, Alex cried when they restarted them up. Anyway, I think we did pretty well and I don't think I'll buy a generator anytime soon. They just didn't seem worth it to me.

However, we did used my sun oven for food and an aladdin lamp at night for light. If you've read about how bright an aladdin lamps can get but didn't believe...well, I'm here to tell ya it's true. Those suckers are bright and can produce some heat too. Like a dork I didn't think about how hot they would get. Anyway, here's a tip...they work even better in front of a mirror.lol.

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Katherine said...

Emily looks so sweet in her pioneer girl bonnet and dress. It all sounds like great fun--roughing it at home! I'm sure, however, that in this case a little fun goes a long way!