Great Wolf Lodge

Sometimes when we get to go with Hubby for his work it's pretty good.
The Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City is good. It has a huge indoor water park. They have other things to do, but we never did do them...maybe next time.
If you noticed, Emily was wearing a modest swim suit in the picture above. I made one for each of us. We love them.
You can find more about them here.


Bunny said...

I totally like the swimsuit! was it very difficult to sew? I not worked with lycra or stretchy fabrics much.
Are the leggings drafted for knee length or longer?turkdsoi

Bunny said...

LOL. The word verification showed up in my post because I am such a dummy about remembering to click the box first. I need a computer that can read my mind.

wendy said...

lol...The pattern is really easy to sew and I did make the leggings longer. I think the pattern is drafted mid-calf.

Katherine said...

I think the swimsuit is lovely! How does it feel in the water? Being a past competitive swimmer I'm a stickler for no drag in the water, but my aging body now demands more coverage! With the shorter leggings this might work for me.

wendy said...

The skirt acts like men's shorts and can balloon out when getting into the pool and sometimes when just sitting around but actually swimming in it is no problem.