A General Gathering

We went to a Gathering this weekend.
We enjoyed ourselves so much that we plan on going to more.

It's so nice to be among friends.


Katherine said...

Now I understand the sweet dress and bonnet Emily was wearing in a previous picture. How wonderful to gather with friends of like spirit!! Thanks for sharing the photos!

wendy said...

Sorry about that...I didn't know how to put it.lol. We don't always dress plain. It seems like it helps the kiddos to have more friends when we look a bit more modern.

Yes, it was nice and surprising to us on how much it ended up mattering.

Anonymous said...

I always dress Plain, but its not so easy because I am so isolated from other like minded Friends, and all Plain Dressed of other denominations. Gathering always reminds me that there are others out there. But this Gathering in particular made me realize how important it is for the survival of Conservative Friends. A nice side effect to something I feel led to do by God and the Holy Spirit.

It was wonderful to see thee there!
I will email thee. Its nice to see and read your blog. I had never been here before.

wendy said...

Your so amazing!