My first Spin

Thanks to my MIL I now own a Matchless...yeah, baby! So here's a picture of me trying to figure out how things go together. I did get it mostly figured out, but later that night I broke down and printed out Schacht Spindle Co., Inc Spinning Wheel Instructions. I now know where the brake is and I hope that will solve my over twisting problem.

Anyway, I spent yesterday spinning on the back porch. What a lovely way to spend the day. I must do it again. I asked Michael to take a movie of me spinning for the first time on my "new" spinning wheel. I thought you might like to see a little of my world.lol. Don't worry Alex was found. He was next to the car picking fairy clocks.

Here is the result of my very first spining on a wheel. I don't think I did too bad of a job. I'm thinking a hat would be a good idea, but first I need to see how much I made.lol.Here is my second try. Yeah, I couldn't wait to spin more. In fact, I think today would be a good day to do some more spinning.lol.


Bunny said...

What are Fairy clocks? Congratulations on your new spinning wheel.

wendy said...

Thanks...Fairy Clocks are dried dandelion flower heads.

Katherine said...

I'm so impressed!! I have always wanted to spin and never seem to have the time to get all the things I would need together. Will you be offering any of your own handspun for sale at Intertwinement?

wendy said...

Thanks...Um, I don't think anyone would want my over twisted yarn.lol.