Lake Michigan

We saw Lake Michigan the other day! It was awesome and it really felt like an ocean especially the sandy beach part. I can't wait for it to be a bit warmer so we can actually play at one of the many lakes around us. When we lived in California one of the things we loved doing was buying/making some food and parking by the beach and eating. It always was fun for me because I like to look but rarely do I like to do the ocean thing.lol. The water is usually is just too cold. So anyway, I'm going to plan some picnics for summer. If you have any ideas to make a great picnic let me know...thanks

Now on to knitting...I saw this youtube an well it's changed the way I do my decreases especially on my socks. Go on it won't hurt you...watch it. Who knows maybe you'll like it too.lol. Anyway, it is just great looking to me and solves one of the many issues I have with SSK. Now you see I've tried doing just SSK like they tell you and I've also tried SSK by knitting two stitches together through the back loops but it always looks crappy to me...not at all how K2tog looks to me and SSK is suppose to be it's mirror image, right? So a long time ago, I decided liked to do my SSK by actually doing it by one stitch slipped knitwise then the second stitch slipped purlwise and then knit them together. I thought this was about as good as I could get it to look but I was wrong and boy am I glad I was because I still do it my preferred way but on the second row I knit the decreased stitch twisted and it looks GREAT....FANTASTIC. At some point in time I need to watch the other Cat Bordhi clips because this one was a true gem to me.lol


Katherine said...

I would love to see the new decrease stitch since I am working on a tee with a lot of waist decreases, but my @#%!$#~ Vista still will not download Adobe Flash player. I am flash player challenged. Maybe you can write me a description of the decrease lol!

wendy said...

Katherine...Do your regular decrease that you like but on the second row knit that stitch twisted.