Fuzzy Wuzzies

I should have knitted these bad boys quicker but every time I knit something for myself it always takes me longer. Next time, I'll think it's for someone else so it gets done faster. (knitter's logic at work)

I followed the directions to a T except for the fact that I didn't have 10 1/2 sized needles but 10 luckily it didn't seem to have mattered. After I knitted my very large slippers I popped them in with a regular wash load and then pulled them out, tried them on, and let them dry...perfect!

OK...not perfect until I embroidered them. Now perfect!


Katherine said...

The embroidered Fuzzy Feet are SO beautiful! I love them. Must make me some to keep my feet warm. BTW we had snow on Thursday! The weather Gods didn't forget me this year.

About the acrylic dishcloths--I have tons of that Super Saver stuff. Is that what you used for the green cloth?

wendy said...

Thank you!

Snow is good.

Yup...I used the Super Saver stuff in Hunter Green with size 7 needles.

erin/pinkerbell said...

yeah I can comment! I love these!!

Diana said...

Wow, they ARE perfect. What a great itdea and so very pretty.