clover fever

Monday was an odd day were I found myself ditching the fuzzy wuzzy slippers and making some clover love instead. Of course, the dark yarn doesn't show too well here so just use your imagination and picture a three leaf clover in garter stitch in the middle of my new dish cloth. You know I think the acrylic yarn makes a great scubber for my dishes. I think I need to make some more since I find them so easy and satisfying.


Bunny said...

Does the acrylic yarn dry quickly or is it hard to wring out. I may have to try one in acrylic.

Katherine said...

Dishcloths are fun! I have never done any in acrylic, but I think I will try it. I like the way it looks. The acrylic seems to have some weight to it, which would be great for pots and pans.

Thanks for the great idea!