Adventures in sick land

I've decided to try my luck with some fuzzy feet. I hope to finish them by today but I have my doubts. I'm almost too sick to knit. I hate that! Anyway, the house now has 0 people well. Yeah...we have totality! The house also smells like vinegar due to me trying to keep things clean.lol. I tried my hardest to make sure that if people did get sick it would be short lived but that wasn't to be because I believe we have two maybe three different sickness in the house. I know for sure we have croup and the stomach flu but Michael, Emily, and Hubby have something a bit different. Although Michael is the worst of anyone today. Poor little mite. You know it's bad when your little ones just sleep.lol. Hubby today has to leave town on a business trip so I'm in store for lots of fun. Although, I would still rather be in my shoes than his. It's gotta suck being in a hotel sick than at home. Well, I hope everyone else is healthy.

UPDATE: Hubby came home. I've figured out he and the others have a strain of the flu that wasn't in the flu shot we all got...let the good times roll baby.


Katherine said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have reached zero wellness at your house! And you are sick too? Did you forget to put on your hazmat suit when the first one came down with it? I hope you are all better soon.

I can't wait to see the Fuzzy Feet. They look so cute!

wendy said...

Yeah...well, ummm I couldn't seem to find my hazmat suit...thanks!