Mousy Mischief

Look what those mouse mittens tried to do...

That's right! They tried to steal my Wild Fiber magazine. I don't care what they tried to tell me about how they wanted to know more about those cute Vicunas. I mean I know that those Vicunas are cute but still that's just no excuse for bad manners. I mean what kind of thanks is that for creating the wee little beasties? Not much I say.

When I took the magazine back you wouldn't believe what those mittens said...totally not PG.

(These are so fun to play with I can't wait to see what Alex does with them on Valentine's.)


Marguerite said...

Very very cute - both the mittens and the post. Mom is sure having fun with her knitting. :-)

Katherine said...

Those are the cutest mittens I have ever seen. I think you are going to have to knit leashes for them though! lol

I love the title of the article in your Wild Fiber magazine--"Chasing Men In Skirts." Now that's one we all need to read!

wendy said...

Yeah...I had fun but I don't want to get caught.lol.

Thanks. I think they turned out pretty good.

I haven't read that article yet (http://www.wildfibersmagazine.com)
but those itchy skirts are apparently going out of favor...who would have thought that.lol. I'm still sad over the fact that vicunas can't be house pets.lol.

Bunny said...

Those mittens are really cute! I have been slowly working on a set of mittens, but it is hard to get into when the weather stays in the mid 60s. They keep predicting snow and it snows all around us but we keep missing out. They predict snow today. I am crossing my fingers (the kids want to play in the snow).