kalamazoo and me too

If you ever find yourself in Colon, Michigan (populations around 1,200) and you've exhausted all the bad puns you can think of you just might find this bridge still under construction with this orange sign which I thought was amusing enough to blog about. I'm guessing this means there are enough plain folk in the area to warrant said sign. However, I only saw two houses with horse buggies (not that I saw the whole town) so I'm not sure if this sign really means that there are enough bad drivers living in this neighborhood who don't seem to know the difference between a car and a horse and need this sign to help them out.lol. Either way, it is an interesting thought as to why one would feel there is such a need as this large sign to post. Personally, I think that the two blind child in area signs I saw in this town were a much better sign to post on the road. And because I have nothing else to keep my mind from odd thoughts I noticed in Colon that the school children who rode the bus got dropped off at their driveways which seemed pretty cool to me unless one was embarrassed of their parents house that is.lol. I had to walk two blocks to get to mine as a child so I guess I really should say it was jealousy.
So when we left Colon behind (I just had to write that.lol) we headed to Kalamazoo. Hubby has some tech show here so we tagged along. Anyway, I thought I'd show you how the hat turned out. I finished it on the 19th and it is 21.5" and was immediately adopted by Max. I think 21.5" is a small adult so I'm pleased with it's out come although I'm more pleased with it's adoption.lol.


Marguerite said...

Hum. Do they have Amish living in Colon?

That looks like pretty serious road construction for the middle of winter. Or is it a pothole barricade?

You forgot to tell us what you did in Kalamazoo. That's my old stomping ground as I used to work for Upjohn/Pharmacia & Upjohn/Pharmacia/and now Pfizer.

Your blog always make me smile. Life rarely makes sense, it sure helps to be able to laugh at it.

wendy said...

Colon has many magic trick shops and according to wikipedia. It is the burial site of the famous magician, Harry Blackstone, Sr. (The Great Blackstone), Colon refers to itself as "The Magic Capital of the World." Each August more than 1,000 magicians and lovers of magic gather there for "Abbott's Magic Get-Together", a 4 day magic convention, doubling the population, sharing magic tricks, and recollecting their knowledge of the famous occupation. The convention conludes each day with an evening show at Colon High School.

Colon also has a small Amish community.

So maybe that's why they're doing road construction in winter...the hugh crowds that come in summer would be too inconvenience by it.lol.

At Kalamazoo, we went to the mall and the hotel.lol. Yup, that was it. The kids got to watch all TV they wanted in the hotel. We don't have TV at home so that was a treat for them. I wanted to go to a yarn store but that's not in the budget right now. I'm trying to knit all my stash this year. Then Hubby can't say anything about it anymore.lol.

Katherine said...

1. I love the hat. It looks great on Max!
2. Do they teach the blind children to listen for the horses?
3. My Mother used to say, "If you believe that, you probably believe there really is a Kalamazoo."

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you went with me into Colon. Your a dedicated wife. Did you know it's just East of Climax?


wendy said...

I can't believe you didn't take me to Climax, Hubby! You're such a typical male...huff.lol