Happy Valentine!

I thought for Valentine I would show you how I make heart shaped pancakes. It was a little hard to film and do at the same time and then Gregory had to start asking me some hard questions so don't expect greatness here.lol.

Anyway, here are some hearts cooking. Oh, and I used a 1/4 Cup measuring cup and basically made the letter V with the batter. I think any bigger and flipping would be too hard.
Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Ala said...

Valentine's Day cakes! Yummmy! I have to bake them too! Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentine's day to you1

Katherine said...

Do heart shaped pancakes taste sweeter? I'll bet they do. You do so many sweet things for your family! P. S. I can't wait to see the jack-o-lantern shaped pancakes.

wendy said...

Ummm...I think for the pumpkin ones I'll totaly cheat and use raisins or chocolate chipes for the eyes ond mouth.lol.