new/old year

2007 will be know as our year of change. I wonder what 2008 will be.
2007 knits
Socks: 24 pairs
Hats and headwear: 7
Baby items: 2
Scarves/Stoles: 0
Mittens (fingerless or not): 10
Shawls: 3
Tops/Sweaters: 4
Sweater vests:5
As you can see I've not blogged about a lot of my projects. I had really wanted to document everything I had made so I could look back and see them all but life got in the way and then ravelry came and I was uploading there with my finished projects instead of doing it here. Ok...I'll confess, I haven't uploaded all my projects there either, but I think I might and I know I won't here.
You know it's all how you look at it.
Anyway, it's a new year with new knits.
so here's the list
I love them and I think I'll always will. This year I plan on knitting more really thick socks because now I can and not have to worry about heat strokes.lol. Have I mentioned how much I'm loving the cold weather? Well, I do. Call me crazy. I already know I am. So there...ha!
It's way too cool that we need them now. Have I mentioned how much I'm loving the cold weather?lol
I want to make a simple and plain one like the Prairie one in the book Folk Shawls and finish up the one I'm (not)working on. lol.
I'm not sure why I want to but I want to make one for Emily like Valentine Design by Marianne Kinzel that is in the book First Book of Modern Lace Knitting.
Christmas Decorations
I realized this year that I hate most of our Christmas decorations. We got them for free so I should be grateful and I was several years ago. I'm over it. I want handmade (by us) stuff now. My plan is to make a wee little sweater/sock/mitten out of my left over sock yarn for the tree. That way I can remember long dead socks for years to come. Either that or make a huge quilt like blankie with the sock yarn left overs, but that would take forever to become finished...so I think I'll stick to the tree decor idea.
so that's the realistic list now onto the dream list
Ice Queen by Rosemary Hill off of knitty
Bellocq by Marnie MacLean located here
Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Sivia Harding located here


Katherine said...

Oooo, Ice Queen will be so pretty on you, and I love those stockings. Sounds like you have the knitting year pretty well planned. It's going to be a year of Fair Isle for me.

Marguerite said...

Lots of cold left to come. You won't be disappointed.

Last night at doggy school we were telling scary weather stories about how the biggest snow storms happen in years when we have an unusual warm week in January - like we're having now.

wendy said...

Fair Isle sounds good. I loved knitting those mittens Emily is wearing. There called Bird in Hand by Kate Gilbert. I hope to make some more mittens maybe one or two from Selbuvotter.

wendy said...

Marguerite...don't excite me like that.lol.