Mystery Shawl/Swan Lake

I finially decided what to do about the Mystery Shawl/ Swan Lake. You see once I found out what it was going to look like and I decided that that was not the kind I would want to wear but most importantly knit.
At first I thought I would knit it straight with the design (I think it's ) called cat paws in the middle with the same edge and then repeat the begining point at the end but I've decided that I probably wouldn't wear that either so instead of it looking at me forlornly I decided that it needed to be loved and what better way to be loved than by a child. So it will be gifted to Emily for Valentine (I hope I can keep her from reading this.lol) as a doll blankie.
Hopefully, this will work out.

I really wish I could take a better picture of the beads on this shaw....I mean doll blankie.


Katherine said...

Oh gosh, it's breathtaking. I can see the beads and they make it even more beautiful. Are you sure you don't want to finish it and THEN gift it to Emily for valentines day? I think she would cherish it her whole life!!!

wendy said...

I don't think you would be asking that if you saw how badly I behaved when I was knitting it.lol.I swear the kids could bump that @#@$$ chart from across the room.lol.

erin/pinkerbell said...

I decided not to finish mine as well, but i just tossed mine. i like the doll blankie idea. (How excited am I that blogspot is finally letting me comment)