Mrs. Thaw

Last week was a sad week.
We had rain and you know what that means.
Frosty passed away in the thaw.
Yup, all that's left is his nuts and twigs.


Bunny said...

Poor snowman! We are still waiting for enough snow to build a snowman.

Marguerite said...

Is your side of the state getting the snow we're getting in SW Michigan?

If so, I predict a new generation of snowman coming soon.

wendy said...

I swear I live in a protected little spot because we hardly get any snow/rain. Take Monday(1.14.08)we got 1/4" of snow and it melted and today maybe 2". In some ways (driving and such)this is nice but then in other ways (kids playing)it's a bummer.lol.

Katherine said...

His nuts? Okay, no fair! I sprayed coffee all over the computer screen!

I know he will be back--bigger and better.

wendy said...

So far you're the only other person with her mind some where.lol.

Maybe it would be even more funny if I said twig and nuts?