The hunt

Erin is doing it again.
How could I resist such fun?
Right, that's what I thought, so let's move on with the fun.

The Hunt List list is:

a funny bumper sticker.

I couldn't decide which one was better

Take your picture with someone in uniform.(any type of uniform will do.)

The only person I could think of was a police officer but I just didn't have the guts to either get into trouble and ask to take a picture of it or just ask to take a picture either way I figured I'd get into trouble and that would mess with my no ticket record, so sorry, but this one was a no go. Hubby wanted a hot dog on a stick girl...go figure!

An unusual perspective -- could be everyone's shoes, or the just top of their heads. Here I am in my ducky jammies I made (I should get extra points, right? I mean I am showing off extra secret stuff here), but I'm thinking of improving them with another layer (flannel) sewn in, because I don't know maybe because it's way below freezing! Oh, and that's my unfinshed paintings on the wall. (See another way secret stuff...my art work)

a movie poster
I have no comment on this one

neon lights
Yup, another no comment...although technically I am making a comment,huh?
a directional sign (a sign that points)
Hubby swear that the second one counts I don't think so...do you? I will admit that it looks cool, though.
salt and pepper shakers.
Don't they look stately?
This is the first time we have ever had shakers so this one is funny to me. And no I didn't get them just for this photo.lol

something that appears out of place.
Yes, that's my Hubby's shirt. I have no idea why Hubby decided that this is where shirts should go, but I love teasing him over things like this. I'm also glad that I found this today because otherwise I was thinking about throwing my underpinnings all over the snow in our yard. Although, that might get me more points, but come on I'm already like bearing enough secrets here to get me like a hundred extra points, right?

Okay, that's it!
Oh...Happy Bday Erin!


Katherine said...

My favorites are "Support Ron Paul," the movie poster (Rambo lives!) and the shirt, or something equally unusual, over the oven handle. I see that one all the time!

What fun!

wendy said...

I can't believe that you've come across a shirt on the stove handle too...I think it's way weird to put a shirt there.lol

Yeah...I liked that bumper sticker too. Hubby couldn't believe I was going to use it. The horse one comes next.

Anonymous said...

Hey what's my shirt doing on the oven?

Oh yeah. I hung it there.

Love you.