Did ya know that when you have a cable pattern that you want to knit in the opposite direction than it's written you need to modify it in two ways?
Me either...Ok, you probably do but let's pretend you don't...ha!
So...let's say you're making a hat with owls on it, for an example. Your son likes owls. This is going to be a good Birthday gift. However, really you only want to knit one of those pesky owls smack dab in the middle of your sons forhead because you've never done cables and that Birthday is near very near. Alright, now let's also say that you only have one skien of Kiogu that said son proudly picked out at the store and you want to make sure it is used to the fullest. Top down you've read uses less yarn so you're going to knit it from the top down, right? Good. Ok...now you think to yourself I'm smarter than the average bear I can figure this out...no sweat. Really you should be telling yourself that you need no owl...ever. Said son will never remember this hat or even owls by next year much less 30 years from now. Go knit nice plain items, but you don't. You figure that you'll just knit the pattern in the opposite way but when you've completed the pattern it doesn't look right. What's up? You're a genius this shouldn't be happening especially to you. Then you think, leave it no one will know, but it bugs you, you're perfect this is not perfect by a lot. So it's now or never...so you bravely do it, well almost. You loudly rip it out with lots of grumbling. Ok, really you just rip out the pattern and knit it back up...I mean down. You knit it in the opposite direction like before but this time you also flip all the cables. So left ones now go right and so on. Even better the kids had looked on in awe and you're back on your pedestal.
Life is good...even for the owls.


Katherine said...

A fine example of sticktoittiveness. I say don't let the owls get you down! P.S. Pretty color!

Bunny said...

I did not understand all of that. But it sounds as if you are just as determined with your project, as I am to Make the Unoriginal Hat without having the right size needles.
I love the picture of the boy asleep on the stairs. LOL.