What a CA girl has noticed in Michigan

1.u-turns are THE thing...they have special lanes with signals just to do this and only this...amazing
2.toilet seat covers are not seen much
3.there are no sprinklers on the side of the road/freeways for plants
4.there is a freeway sign telling people that fall has come again and not to swerve for the deer...this one is so funny, if it was seen in CA it would have so many prissy Californians up in arms with law suits it would be scary
5.tomatoes taste so good...even from the grocery store.I'm starting to think that the CA border inspectors that don't allow fruit/vegetables into CA are really there just to keep Californians in the dark about the bad tasting food they can find in stores. The fast food chains are in it too for the profit.
6. Apples are awesome...even the ones sold as deer feed taste better than most CA apples. (Don't ask...but I'm pretty sure that's what we bought outside at the gas station)
7.people look at you funny at the park if you ask if their hose is connected to water the trees (Hubby did this one and I'm not letting him forget it)
8.There are always clouds in the sky
9. the sun seems gentler
10.wow...there's really is a thing called fall.
11. there's moisture is the air


Katherine said...

Welcome home! I'm so glad to hear that you are all discovering the joys and pleasures of seasonal living. (Sniff, sniff, I miss Chicago).

BTW, they call it fall because winter is going to "fall" on you like a ton of bricks! LOL Enjoy your new home.

wendy said...


So is that why all the natives are looking so twitchy?

Toya said...

Welcome to MI.