still driving

I forgot what town Erin said was bad/stinky in Indiana...was it Terre Haute?

Funny sign names that we still remember:

Lebenon (town)

Effingham (town...No, effing way I'm living here.lol)

Shinarump (street)

Lingerie up to 6x

twin water towers one saying hot and the other saying cold

Updated signs:

Frankenmuth (town)

exit 69- Big Beaver Road


Katherine said...

I've passed those hot and cold water towers! I think they have some in every town in the US. LOL

Do they really make lingerie in size 6X?

Are your eyes crossing yet from the white lines on the roads?

Sorry to hear about the sick kiddos. Hope they are better today! The two little sleepy faces in an earlier post were so sweet.

wendy said...

I gues they do make 6x...we didn't stop by.lol

No cross eyes but I don't want to drive for awhile.

There better now.