what do you do when you want to decorate for Halloween but all your stuff is in another state and you can't spend any money because you need to look really good to the new loan people?
You look around and get creative with printer paper (you always have this on hand when you're married to a geek...Oh, I mean computer sales man) and painter's tape. Why do I have painter's tape. Well, when we where buying the other house I bought paint, brushes, and tape. Now even though I know logically it was the comps and a not so great realtor that lost our other house I really think it's because I bought this paint stuff. Silly, huh?
Anyway, I think the decorations came out pretty good.


Marguerite said...

Of course it was because you bought the paint stuff!

Just like I can tell you that there's going to be horrible, airport closing weather on November 6 when I am trying to fly back to Kalamazoo from Idaho.

Katherine said...

It's sort of like when you give the baby's crib away--well, you know what happens. I think I still have a cradle in the attic somewhere, and considering my age that's rather illogical. But I'm not taking any chances!

My best advice, don't buy any more paint or anything else until the dust settles. BTW the Halloween decorations are too cute!

wendy said...

It been really hard not to buy anything for the house especially since we only have what was in the trailer and well that can be a bit lacking in a big house.

Good luck with:
your flight