Arizonia you have the BEST rest stop restrooms I've had the pleasure of using. You are truely an oasis. Seriously, people should come to Arizonia just to use the rest stops especially the one east of Flagstaff. It's better than Disneyland. Oh, and on a side note about Disneyland. Don't buy your souvenirs at the park go to a WalMart like the one on Euclid Street. It's the same stuff only cheeper.

OK...let's get back to the rest stop made for the Gods because you, rest stop, are truely the BEST, but your signage brings up comical imagines of wee little dogs being chased by big bad bugs...too funny.

Anyway, last night we ended up pulling over into said oasis for a few hours of sleep.

But before that I did pretty good on my first freeway drive. Yes, I've never driven the van with the trailer, but I need to learn and quick. Don't look so shocked about that fact. Yes, we've had the trailer for about a year an a half. I'm a lucky girl to be spoiled so and I do do other things to pull my weight, but I think it's a good thing I'm a good cook.lol. Listen to your Mom/Grandma when she tells you that the only way to a mans heart is through his stomach. I've got 4 boys and this love thing starts real soon. Most of my cards mention something about food. Ok...so Hubby said I should be proud about last night drive because I drove in the dark, through 3 sets of road construction sites, passed a weird and bright police car search thingy, dealt with speeding truck drivers, and the most important thing...didn't hit anything.


Marguerite said...

Great picture! I'm totally enjoying your drive across the country.

wendy said...

I'm so glad to hear that.

Katherine said...

I'm so impressed. The only time I drove an RV DH nearly had a heart attack. He never asked me to do it again.

I know what you mean about restrooms and rest stops in Arizona--they take their highways seriously.

Sounds like you are having fun!