Nearing the end

Things seem to be getting crazier as we get closer to our destination.

The GPS has lost reception, twice. How I don't know how, but I think she's mad at Cotton Top for using a different map in the begining of the trip which now means we NEED her.

Two Cotton Seeds have gotten sick (the ones that went to get "healthy" shots from the Dr. the day we left. I knew they were too.)

It's getting harder to post not easier because of trees, hills, and such.

Cotton Top has been coming up with his own songs, such as...
(song in the tune of Peter Cotton Tail)
Here comes sexy Cotton Tail
hopping down the bunny trail
hippity, hoppity Mama's on her way
Having fun with the Daddy Man
Taking care of the kids in the van
hippity, hoppity Mama's on her way

and the biggest craziest thing
Nobody has complained

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