We went through Texas last night and like always the state didn’t disappoint us. There was a thunderstorm in the distance that was quite a show for all to see and as we drove on we saw the Mother of all rest stops near Amarillo. You know everything is big…huge in Texas…the sky, the bugs, and the toast to name just a few things. I can hear the Texas men saying “That’s not all, Sweetheart.” Anyway, this sucker was awesome. The big building had show lights shining on it. It was all red, white, and blue with the Texas star in the middle. You could see the pride written all over it, but we kept on driving until we got to the outskirts of Oklahoma City before took a rest.
The only bad thing so far besides the window breaking again on the trailer is that the air card is roaming. Hence, why there are so few posts the other day and this morning. I’m hoping this will change later today.


Katherine said...

Amarillo By Morning--you made it! But wait a minute here--DH stopped in Anaheim and Newport to see friends, but drives straight through Texas without stopping in Fort Worth? We need to talk!

Watch out for the bears in Oklahoma, and I mean the kind that hang out in those black and white cars. We've been stopped three times by them going two or three miles over the speed limit!

wendy said...

Well, I didn't think you would wants us...you know it's been a few days since we bathed.lol.
If it makes you feel any better the Grandparents are upset too because we didn't stop near Dallas for them.

The bears weren't around in Oklahoma but we did see two bear traps in Amarillo.