It's Offical

Hey, good buddy. We're on our way.(finially)
As you can see the kids are excited.

If it hadn't been for Hubby's...I mean Cotton Top's friends he wanted to see in Anaheim and Newport we would have been out sooner, but that's OK friends are good reasons for delaying.

Anyway,Cotton Top is singing "Armarillo by morning" which I've never heard before but it gets really annoying quick so it must have been a great hit in it's time.


Bunny said...

I hope you have a good drive. and find a few restrooms that are clean. Does the colored map of the U.S. on the window shoe which states you have been in?

wendy said...

Yes, the map shows which states we've been in with this van except for Florida(That was another van). As you might have notice we've hardly seen any yankee states.lol.