High Noon

(music of some western cowboy movie here)
Hey good buddy...We're in the heart of Cactus Patch (Phoenix Arizona; Roswell New Mexico...I really don't know where we are. It all looks the same here in New Mexico...no offense I'm just not a desert kind of girl no matter how hard my Grandma tried.) and we're only stopping for some motion lotion (Gas; fuel).

According to our trip plans we're driving the most in New Mexico...around 6 hours


Bunny said...

If your driving on I40 I know exactly where you are. My parent's live in Aztec,NM My Brother in Gallup, NM and My other Brother in Farmington, NM.

long straight drives with nothing to see. especially between Albequerque and tucumcari. and no rest area's either. LOL. last summer all the rest areas where closed being remodeled.

There is a really great rest stop in Texas. I can't remember if it is just west of or just east of Amarillo. but they have a great playground. and really nice mosaics on the bathroom walls.

Katherine said...

Bunny is right about long straight drives with nothing to see in NM, but I remember seeing the most beautiful sun rise I've every seen near Albequerque. Nothing but sky and orange light--beautiful!

Keep on truckin. We're with you!

wendy said...

zYup...Bunny you know where we were.lol. Now I wish we had stopped at that Texas rest stop.

The dinosaurs next the freeway was pretty cool in NM.