If you noticed...
we're heading the wrong way.
Why you ask. (Come on, ask)
Well, Hubby has to see oh, I mean Cotton Top has a few work stops before we go...east.
So where is the excitement.
That happened when we got of the freeway went down a wrong road and ended up in a cul de sac which I think RV drivers have nightmares about. Hubby/Cotton Top however is no mere mortal so we got out of there easy peasy with just a bit of squeeking...and no that wasn't me. It was the ball hitch that should have been greased. So if you live in Anaheim and where awoken by squeeks at 6:30 AM that was us and we're sorry. (I couldn't resist taking a picture of it.lol)


Katherine said...

"Excuse me Officer? Are you saying we can't park here?"

Are you driving two cars? If so, this is where I would have left him and met him at the next traffic light!

wendy said...

Being blonde helps with officers.lol.

Nope one van...I was outside looking to see if Hubby was going to hit the cars. Then I ran for my camera because I thought it was so funny.