So here is what traffic looks like at 5:30 AM PST on the I-5 South. I would have shown you the downtown LA skyline but like most things the timing was off. Either the camera was on and a tree/car was in the way or the camera was off to save the battery and the view was perfect. Anyway, if we had left any later we would not have moved at the regular speed limit and you probably would have better pictures out of me. Ha!

Anyway, have you ever noticed when you drive into a certain area all the billboards have a theme. Take south of Glendale for instance people there have death posters. You know the kind where they tell people they need to leave behind more than choices. Now a little bit further there are TV/cable shows like Dexter and Reepers which when put all together I find very disturbing. I have to wonder what those people around there are like that advertisers think that would the best place to put those ads or maybe it's just a very "seen" area but still seeing those all the time seems depressing and a bit...sick.

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